Camber Webinar Day

Today is the day!

We would like to thank those that have already signed up for our Camber™ webinar today and extend one last round of invitations to those who haven't. We will be closing session sign ups about an hour and a half before each session today, so if you haven't signed up now is the time. As of this posting the 2pm and 7pm sessions remain open for sign ups. As a friendly reminder, since were are East Coast based, all session times are in Eastern Time.

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A Tuesday Morning Laugh

The article below can be found on the website known as the Onion and has provided us with a good morning laugh that we felt we should share with all of our users. To those unfamiliar with it the Onion is a fictitious and satirical online "news" website that publishes amusing pieces on wide ranging topics. This particular article is on a topic of humor for our industry.

LensCrafters, Pearle Vision Agree To Prisoner Exchange:
Link to Article

Free Transitions Signature VII Upgrade

From August 15 to November 15 enjoy a free upgrade to Transitions Signature VII Green or Brown on any of our Eagle free-form progressive lenses.


Camber Webinar

Camber ABO-Approved Webinar - August 28, 2014

Join FEA's "Other Bill", IOTs' Kurt Gardner and David Rips of Younger Optics for an informative presentation on Camber™ lenses.

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LabTalk, July/August 2014

A Q&A between FEA's "Other Bill" and Labtalk's Christie Walker talking about how we stay independent and competitive when many other labs are being acquired by larger companies.

Read it here:
Lab Talk Online

Introducing the New FEA Website!

An introduction to the new website written by our in house IT Team. This post gives a rundown of whats new as well as whats up next on our web re-development agenda.


Using the Website

This article serves as an introductory guide on how to use our site as well as supplying you with information on the types of content that can be found both here and on the ordering section of the website.

Optiboard Advertising

Advertising with Optiboard

If you're browsing though the Optiboard forums this month don't be surprised if you come across an advertisement there for FEA. In conjunction with the launch of our new website we have chosen to advertise in a new venue that give users one click access to our brand new website. This advertisement will be available for public viewing and interaction throughout the site, so be sure to stop in and check out Optiboard as well as our new site!


Introducing Independence® Tech

A recently added AR coating option, Independence® Tech offers all of the same benefits as our other AR coatings with the added benefit of ocular blue light protection. For all the details about this new addition see the full article here.

'House Brand' or 'Name Brand': Is one really better?

In a recent interview, Other Bill discusses peoples misconceptions regarding house brand lenses, see the full article here.

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