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The latest in product, technology, and news from FEA Industries. We will explain the latest technology that's available so that you can more easily present these products to your patients. If you have a topic you'd like to see covered, you can email us at blog@feaind.com

Holiday Hours

December 23rd, 2015 by Bill Heffner

With the holidays approaching, I just wanted to let everyone know what our hours will look like for this week and next. Today (Wed. Dec 23) we are open as normal, but with a brief interruption in our customer service phone and chat support from 1-2pm for a holiday party.

We we be CLOSED on these dates:

  • December 24th
  • December 25th
  • January 1st

You can, of course, still place and view everything online, there just won’t be anybody home on these dates. Happy Holidays!

Last Updated by Bill Heffner at December 23rd, 2015

Black Friday Give Away

November 19th, 2015 by Bill Heffner

Since Black Friday is coming up, we wanted to offer something to our customers. Since we couldn’t really just have a one-day sale, we decided to run something for a week. We’re giving away FREE AR demonstration units – a $200 value. To find out about the details, check our Facebook page.


This ‘butterfly box’ demonstrates the difference between lenses with and without AR coating.

The unit demonstrates AR coating, polarization, and photochromic lenses, as well as having a mirror on top. The ‘butterfly box’ on the front allows you to show your patients the difference between lenses with and without AR coating, which should help increase your coating sales dramatically. You simply invite them to grab the butterfly with an included pair of tweezers, and *tink*, they hit the glass that they couldn’t see (since it was AR coated).


The unit also demonstrates photochromic (left) and polarized lenses.

On the reverse of the unit are kits for photochromic and polarization demonstrations. When an internal U.V. light is switched on, the lens on the left will darken to demonstrated photochromic lenses. This is not a specific brand of photochromic lenses, but is intended to give the patient an idea of what they will experience with that type of lens. On the right, the polarization demonstrator will allow your patient to see the difference between the provided tinted and polarized lenses. When you pull up the piece at the top of the polarization station, it causes a large amount of glare on the picture of the flowers. This is easily seen when the patient looks through tinted lenses. When they then try on the polarized pair, the glare seems to disappear, making the picture much clearer.

We have a limited supply available, so act quickly!

Last Updated by Bill Heffner at November 19th, 2015

Website of the Year

October 20th, 2015 by Bill Heffner


We are excited to have been named the 2016 Optical Lab Website of the Year by Labtalk Magazine. We have worked hard throughout the year, and are happy to see that our customers think so as well. We plan to continue improving the technology we use and offer to our customers, and plan to stay on the cutting-edge. You can read the full details of the event here: http://www.labtalkonline.com/website-of-the-year/.

Last Updated by Bill Heffner at October 20th, 2015